Slipping Out Like A Lisp: Heather Johnson

When prolific photographers turn to words, a particular alchemy is released. Visual tendencies have been flexing, so the expressive spaces balancing on words can unleash a surge of consciousness that visual language can picture, but not always re-create. Is it immediacy that makes writing feel so close to thought, or […]

Theater of Displacement: Rita Barros

The Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan’s West 23rd Street has been home to celebrity residents: from Mark Twain to Edie Sedgwick, from Simone de Beauvoir to Storme DeLarverie. Among such iconic residents is the notable Portuguese photographer Rita Barros, who has lived in the same room at the Chelsea Hotel since […]

Intimately Fierce: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

When Genesis Breyer P-Orridge speaks, it is always from the subjective plural. There never was much room for singularity in the GBP universe: their first collaborations were musical (bands); communistic art experiments; and the development of pandrogeny.  But after Breyer P-Orridge’s late wife Lady Jaye “dropped her body”, the preferred […]

Winn Rea: Cascade

Catholic churches funding large scale art projects, from the Renaissance to Matisse, is part of Western art history’s dominant discourse. In New York, the cathedral of St. John The Divine made a bold statement by hosting Diamanda Galas’s Plague Mass  in 1991, a work that critiques the body of the Roman […]

More Than Everything: Mickalene Thomas

Lehmann Maupin’s Chrystie Street gallery opened the 2011 fall season with Mickalene Thomas’ second solo show, More Than Everything, which was on view until October 29th. Thomas has been hyper-prolific, creating works in critical engagement with inquiries into gender, race, class and sexuality. More Than Everything introduced a schematic freshness […]

Shifter: Roni Horn

If conscience is a placid lake, and our subconscious a network of rivers beneath rivers, adrift in these deep waters is probably a fierce psychological need for the presence of water to be comforting. Roni Horn has worked with water as a subject, in capacities of solace and sorrow but […]

McQueen, Evermore

Lilac leather and horsehair, plumes, coiled aluminum, pheasant feathers and resin vulture skulls—none of these are the typical materials of a functional wardrobe. But Alexander McQueen never settled for typical. Savage Beauty currently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art examines the contributions of McQueen’s audacity and incessant purveyorship of the […]

Being Gay In Uganda: Tadej Žnidarčič

Currently living in Uganda, Tadej Žnidarčič is a photographer originally from Ljubljana, Slovenia. A contributing photographer for Redux Pictures, Žnidarčič’s photographs have appeared in magazines, newspapers and various publications in the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Nigeria and Slovenia. An exhibition of Žnidarčič’s most recent project Being Gay in […]

Six Questions With Sarah Lucas

This year, from March to September, London’s National Portrait Gallery is presenting a set of twelve self-portraits by Sarah Lucas. From the NPG permanent collection, this series of photographs was created between 1990 and 1998. Lucas is an adventurous British artist who sculpts, photographs and arranges objects with a soulful […]

Notes on “Notes on Camp”

Mention camp aesthetics in any discussion about art and inevitably, the conversation bifurcates faster than one can say “Vite! Vite!” at a Parisian fashion show. Earlier this month, Invisible Exports opened Notes On Notes on “Camp“, an exhibition examining a fraction of camp’s contemporary aesthetic through the Sontag essay that […]

Lonesome States: Laurel Nakadate

Only The Lonely is the first major museum exhibition of photography, film and video by Nakadate. Now at MoMA’s PS1, the show premieres her recent photographs, 365 Days: A Catalogue of Tears, a series in which the artist documented herself before, during and after a performance of daily weeping. Nakadate’s […]


Kim Jong-il had just celebrated his birthday when I picked up the program for disOriented. With the time change and all that, his birthday was really the day before, although I saw this play on the actual date of his birthday. The morning after the play, I skimmed Reuters RSS […]

Francesca Woodman: Interior Geometries

Although director C. Scott Willis has framed a document of two artist parents who watched the professional reputation of their daughter “eclipse their own”, it was difficult to view The Woodmans as a portrait of Francesca Woodman. Can a cinematic portrait really be made from slices of friendships, acquaintances and […]

Wanda Ewing: Pin-ups and Wallflowers

While preparing for her seventh group show in 2010, Wanda Ewing was kind enough to make time for conversation with me. Exploring contemporary culture through personal narrative, Ewing recontextualizes images from popular culture, addressing issues of race, beauty standards, sexuality and identity. What I found captivating about Ewing’s depictions of […]

Blood and Fire: Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta’s story is one in which her tragically short life is constantly revisited through works created during a prolific 13 year career. Frankly, her work isn’t resurrected enough, although Galerie Lelong has shown Mendieta’s work twice in the last two years. When liberated from temporary burials of acid-free storage, […]

Edgings: Crystal Gregory

Crystal Gregory loves the materiality of pattern. Gregory chooses materials that physically or emotionally construct domesticity, while highlighting the acts of aggression within its construction. “Lace is my most valuable inspiration. The language of lace is complicated and delicate: pattern, fragility, negative space, gender, class, non-functional, decorative. Its ability to […]

Canvas Reform

Opening the Fall 2010 season with a dynamic group show, titled Mine, Invisible Exports features video and photographic works by three distinct artists for whom the physical body is canvas: Hannah Wilke, Jana Leo and Bob Flannagan. The pieces in this show were created during periods when producing work was […]

Martin Schoeller: Sculpting Beauty

Extremity was inaugurated as a currency of female beauty so long ago, constantly stirring dialogues of body modification. Although a natural body might be momentarily celebrated in a “Real Women Have Curves” campaign, beauty standards cling to extremes: from an eighteen inch waist and altered feet to today’s disproportionately augmented […]

Night After Night

The background is dark, gritty and in constant shift. But the portraits gaze back in warmth and openness. Despite the disorienting sense of urgency we glimpse of their lives, the resilient, street-tough gazes trust the photographer. That would be Jo Ann Santangelo, who, for the past year, has been documenting […]